OPNA BIT, hello

Opna is made for collaboration,
like an open-source with a membrane around it.

There are 4 rules for the game of Opna:
All intellectual achievements are shared within the team.
No money between us.
Passing any rights outside the team has to be a unanimous decision.
Opna holds collective efforts for all team members to develop upon them freely.

Time is a field, much like space, with vast opportunities for exploration. What hinders us from fully embracing the myriad of experiences that the space-time field offers is our mode of transportation. It is the limitations of our physical bodies, our "spaceships" composed of flesh and bone, that must adhere to the rules of mass and gravity. We require continuity, for we are the branches on the tree of life, seeking spiritual connections in our roots, relying on others in the trunk to reach for the sky, and defying all odds to harness the gifts of the cosmos—ideas that bear the fruits of life.
Ordinarily, we would allow time to carry us downhill like a snowball rolling down a hill. However, as humans, our purpose is to deviate from that path and ascend instead, to climb the mountain of possibilities that lies ahead. We are meant to choose our own course and, against all odds, proliferate life. Yes, it demands courage, determination, and above all, the joy of fully engaging in the journey.

There exist practices and teachings on how to embrace these choices, how to receive visions, how to act upon them, and ultimately how to liberate ourselves from their consequences. It is a cycle of creation.

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